Outdoor Flooring Options Will Make Your Children’s Playground Fun and Safe in Brewster

These 5 Outdoor Flooring Options Will Make Your Children’s Playground Fun and Safe

As parents, we are responsible for keeping ourselves safe at all times. This includes playtime, where they often hurt themselves while playing with friends. Our highly-energetic kids tend to run around carelessly, so we need to give them a safe surface to lounge around and play. While the task might seem challenging at first, many floor installers in Brewster, NY, can help us select the perfect flooring for our children’s play areas.

Our children’s play areas should be safe, engaging, and fun. So to help us out, here are some of the best flooring options expert floor installers in Brewster, NY, suggest we use for our kids’ playgrounds.

1. Play Sand

Play sand is the most common choice for most homeowners regarding playground flooring options. Sand can absorb fall impact much better than other materials, making it an ideal playground option. Should your kids trip while playing with their friends, every inch of sand you uniformly put on your child’s play area can soften their fall. 

Considering the prices of other flooring materials, it is a cost-effective option that can effectively increase the safety of your kids’ playground. Keep in mind that if you choose this flooring option, you’ll need to constantly level out the sand and replace any spots that are getting too shallow.

2. Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass - Brewster Flooring Company

Do you want to make your playground more visually appealing? If so, then consider opting for artificial grass. Having some expert floor installers in Brewster, NY, put artificial grass on your children’s play areas can significantly improve their appearance. Artificial grass can be a comfortable flooring option for your kids to spend time in. And since your highly-energetic kids will inevitably tumble to the ground, artificial grass can soften the impact of their fall.

Artificial grass also eliminates the necessity for weeding, so you don’t have to worry about pulling out your lawnmower from time to time. Additionally, artificial grass helps you avoid muddy conditions where slip hazards are more prominent. Experts recommend you consider synthetic turf because they’re more versatile and can cater to highly-active events such as sports and outdoor classes.

3. Composite Decking

If you want a playground flooring option that will complement your home, then composite decking is for you. Composite decking is widely associated with residential properties, but they’re pretty effective when used for playground flooring applications. Expert flooring installers in Brewster, NY, recommend this option because it undeniably looks more appealing than other flooring alternatives.

Composite decking eliminates the need for parents to worry about their children getting splintered while playing. Since this flooring option is made from splinter-free boards, they’re highly recommended for play areas. Composite decking boards are also slip-resistant, making them an ideal choice for parents who are highly vigilant about their kids slipping on wet floors. To top it all off, composite decking is long-lasting and eco-friendly.

4. Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch - Brewster Flooring Company

Rubber mulch provides a cheap yet safe alternative for parents looking for child-safe playground flooring options. It’s attractive for parents who want something low-maintenance yet effective enough to keep their children safe from fall hazards. Rubber mulch floorings are made from recycled rubber sheets and can soften a fall effectively. And since it’s made from rubber, it naturally acts as a weed barrier, meaning you don’t need to spend so much on its upkeep.

5. Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF)

Expert flooring installers in Brewster, NY, suggest non-budget-restricted owners opt for engineered wood fiber (EWF) for their playgrounds. Although EWF costs significantly more than play sand or natural grass, it excels in one thing that most playground flooring options don’t: shock absorption. 

Engineered wood fiber can absorb shocks from as high as 12 feet. Expert flooring installers in Brewster, NY, widely consider EWF the safest option for playground applications. And while it’s pretty expensive, they’d argue that the benefits it provides far outweigh its price.

The Best Floor Installers in Brewster, NY’s Thoughts on Playground Flooring

Brewster Flooring Company considers a playground’s flooring one of its most crucial parts. Suitable flooring materials can protect your children from harm without eliminating the fun. Children are naturally full of energy, and it’s inevitable for them to fall or tumble while playing. But that doesn’t mean parents can’t do anything about it! The expert flooring installers in Brewster, NY, urge parents to choose the right flooring for their playground to keep their children safe while engaged in play.