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Brewster Flooring Company is the home to the finest commercial and residential flooring contractors in Brewster, NY. We have been delivering top-tier flooring installation services for over two decades, from corporate offices and showrooms to high-end retail boutiques and humble homes. Our residential and commercial flooring contractors in Brewster, NY, always strive to tackle all as we would our very own properties with utmost care and respect. If you need calgary windows, Window West can help you with it. Our highly skilled licensed flooring specialist and management team work with the best residential flooring contractors, designers, and architects to deliver top-notch flooring installation service in Brewster, NY..

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You likely already have some questions on hand or are eager to tackle your flooring project now. Whichever it is, our residential and commercial flooring contractors hope to be of service. Give our licensed flooring specialists or residential flooring contractors a call at your earliest convenience, and our residential and commercial flooring contractors will be delighted to provide a free consultation and quote. Our commercial and residential flooring contractors in Brewster, NY, can work around your hectic schedule as our process is as simple as 1-2-3:

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Give our licensed flooring specialists a call or submit an online form on our official website to score a free consultation regarding your envisioned flooring installation services in Brewster, NY. Our professional commercial and residential flooring contractors in Brewster, NY, will set up a convenient schedule for your project. So, be sure to tackle all the things you want to do with our residential and commercial flooring contractors, and don't hesitate to ask our licensed flooring specialists and residential flooring contractors if you have any questions!


One of our commercial and residential flooring contractors will check your property's flooring to see what work it needs and the materials required to complete the flooring installation service in Brewster, NY. After your discussion with one of our licensed flooring specialists and initial inspection, our residential and commercial flooring contractors will provide you with a free estimate and explain each step.


Once we agree on a price, the fun part starts! Firstly, our licensed flooring specialists prepare your home for floor repair, replacement, or maintenance. And when everything's in place, our expert floor residential and commercial flooring contractors will work on giving your house's flooring a fresh and stunning look! Our expert team of commercial and residential flooring contractors is ready to serve you with top-quality products, affordable flooring installation services, and appealing project timelines.

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Our residential and commercial flooring contractors across Brewster, NY, have given excellent flooring installation service to countless satisfied clients. Get your flooring project rolling now by giving our residential and commercial flooring contractors a call today!

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Located in Southeast Putnam County, a small New York village has expanded while standing the test of time. Now known as Brewster, this is where the noises of a busy electric train echo the conventional diesel engines that roared into the place nearly 100 years ago. Although it’s a town founded by old and revered families, newcomers and visitors appreciate the charm of the quaint village. Situated 90 minutes from the Big Apple, Brewster 10509 has become a sought-after address.  

Our licensed flooring specialists in Brewster, NY, integrate the newest flooring technologies with time-tested techniques. As a result, our residential and commercial flooring contractors have been the go-to company for tackling complex flooring installation services and strive to maintain and build upon our reputation by working to improve and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our commercial and residential flooring contractors never walk away from a job!

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Best Licensed Flooring Specialists Company in Brewster, NY
Flooring Installation Services in Brewster, NY
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Our commercial and residential flooring contractors in Brewster, NY, have plenty of experience and are fantastic at what we do! Our licensed flooring specialists have been fixing, maintaining, replacing, and installing flooring for over 20 years and our residential and commercial flooring contractors and licensed flooring specialists have provided quality flooring installation services to thousands of properties in Brewster.

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Our commercial and residential flooring contractors and licensed flooring specialists take our client's safety seriously and conduct extensive training for all our commercial and residential flooring contractors to ensure that your property is always safe and secure. And if something goes wrong during the flooring installation service, you will not hold any responsibility for it, our expert residential and commercial flooring contractors and licensed flooring specialists got your back.

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Our residential and commercial flooring contractors’ prices are more competitive than most in the market. Our commercial and residential flooring contractors and licensed flooring specialists are among the best in the sector. Our

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About Brewster, New York

Brewster, New York is a charming village located in Putnam County, in the southeastern part of the state. Nestled in the scenic Hudson Valley, Brewster offers a combination of small-town charm, natural beauty, and a rich history.

One of the defining features of Brewster is its picturesque setting. The village is surrounded by rolling hills, lush forests, and serene lakes, providing a tranquil and scenic environment. The nearby Great Swamp, a large wetland area, offers opportunities for nature enthusiasts to explore and observe the diverse wildlife that inhabits the region.

Brewster has a strong sense of community, with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The village center, centered around Main Street, is home to a variety of locally owned shops, restaurants, and businesses. Here, visitors and residents can stroll along the sidewalks, visit boutique stores, and enjoy delicious meals at charming eateries.

The village also hosts a range of community events throughout the year, bringing residents together and creating a lively social scene. The annual Founders Day celebration, for example, commemorates the history of Brewster and features live music, food vendors, and family-friendly activities. The Putnam County Fair, held nearby, showcases agricultural exhibits, carnival rides, and traditional fair games.

History buffs will find Brewster intriguing, as it has a rich and storied past. The village was a key transportation hub in the 19th century due to its location along the Harlem Railroad line, which connected New York City to upstate regions. The historic Brewster Train Station, now a museum, stands as a reminder of this transportation heritage. Visitors can explore its exhibits and learn about the village’s role in the development of the region.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Brewster offers ample opportunities to enjoy the surrounding natural beauty. Nearby parks and preserves, such as the Tilly Foster Farm and Reed Memorial Wildlife Area, provide walking trails, picnic areas, and scenic spots for relaxation. Nearby lakes, including Peach Lake and Lake Tonetta, are popular for boating, fishing, and other water-based activities.

Brewster is also well-regarded for its excellent schools, making it an attractive place for families. The Brewster Central School District serves the area, providing quality education to students from elementary through high school.

In conclusion, Brewster, NY is a charming village with a welcoming community, beautiful natural surroundings, and a rich historical heritage. Whether you’re exploring the village center, enjoying outdoor activities, or immersing yourself in the area’s history, Brewster offers a delightful experience for visitors and residents alike.


Everly Douglas
Everly Douglas
The work done by Brewster Flooring Company was professional and quick. They came to my house and repaired the damages in my floors in less than two days! The price for this service is reasonable too. Definitely recommending these guys!
Arnold Espino
Arnold Espino
We had a bad experience with our previous contractor, so we were skeptical about finding someone new. But the guys at Brewster Flooring Company restored our faith in flooring contractors once again. Their services was superb! They were in our home for about two weeks to install a brand new, bathroom flooring. As bonus, the service men also replaced all of the plumbing fixtures throughout the area - which was great because we had no idea that they would be able repair some major leaks before hand. It's not often you find people who care as much about their craftsmanship than what time it takes them get done working on projects! Thank you Brewster Flooring Company!
Rodney Ogle
Rodney Ogle
When I first heard about the idea of a basement remodel, my initial reaction was that it sounded like an expensive and unnecessary burden. Little did we know how wrong those thoughts would end up being! The finished product not only exceeded all expectations but also left us with such beautiful living space to call our own-it's no wonder everyone is so satisfied with Brewster Flooring Company’s services. You deserve nothing less than excellent services so if you ever need a flooring contractor for your flooring installation, Brewster Flooring Company should be your go-to!
Olyver Hopel
Olyver Hopel
Brewster Flooring Company helped me replace my kitchen floor and I'm so happy with the results. Their flooring contractors arrived on time, worked hard to get it all done in a timely manner including selecting tile for me as well! They're professional but friendly too - definitely recommend this company if you need any work done around your home or business.
Frank Alvarado
Frank Alvarado
After a long search for the perfect bathroom flooring remodel, I finally found the perfect contractor! Brewster Flooring Company’s team did everything they could to make sure my experience was nothing but smooth. From organizing and keeping me updated at all times during construction (and even cleaning up afterwards!), these guys really went above-and beyond every day of work on this project. Thank you for the great flooring installation service, Brewster Flooring Company!
Judy Collins
Judy Collins
We were thrilled to have Brewster Flooring Company install new flooring in our master bedroom, a few days before getting an elegant set for the new baby's room. But it didn't stop there! The first week of August, we heard from them that they could do half-day bathroom remodeling - and guess what? It all went smoothly thanks to this team’s dedication and professionalism! Thank you, Brewster Flooring Company!
Brittany Pieve
Brittany Pieve
I've always wanted to take the time and invest in making my home more beautiful. However, I never knew what exactly needed doing or how much it would cost until meeting with Brewster Flooring Company's team. They were able make all this happen for me! Their capable crew also made sure that we got our desired look at an affordable price. The work Brewster Flooring Company does is not only quality but also great customer service. They have been able to replace my old flooring and fill any gaps in it with their expert help, as well as refinish another wood when needed for me!♥️👍💯
A Google User
A Google User
Brewster Flooring Company is a well-established company with great work ethic. I've worked on two different projects so far, and they did an exceptional job in both cases! The first time around was with their hardwood flooring contractor when my old wood floor sustained some damage due to water from above us floods that made its way into our apartment while we were living there - but thanks to their expertise, they were able to repair these issues quickly before the problem ballooned into a stressful event.
Carl Mendez
Carl Mendez
We had a big emergency that needed to be taken care of and the crew at Brewster Flooring Company came in to save the day. They were able to solve all our flooring issues promptly, being very flexible when it comes down to customizing services for the different types of floors we have. I would definitely recommend them again; they're great professionals who always go above-and beyond expectations!
Billy Brown
Billy Brown
The floors look great! I'm very happy with how they turned out and recommend anyone who wants their home or business to be shown off in the best light possible give Brewster Flooring Company a call. You won't regret it. This is the first time I’m taking on a flooring project and to be honest it was very overwhelming. So thankful with the contractors at Brewster Flooring Company and their knowledgeable residential flooring installation team in guiding me through every step. My new floors are gorgeous!