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Our Story

We started as a second-generation flooring company over two decades ago and quickly grew into one of the best floor installation and finishing companies in New York. We opened our first showroom a few years later and have continued to grow and improve our capabilities.

Brewster Flooring Company is proud of its reputation as an industry leader. Our company’s mission is to provide superior service to our clients by completing their flooring projects quickly and effectively. We have built a strong team of master artisans and believe in advanced training and innovations to successfully perform our services. We have the capabilities to achieve any custom color or finish required by our clients. Our ability to source materials has expanded to include domestic and foreign mills, allowing us to provide a wide selection of the highest quality wood products in a wide range of floor types, colors, and finishes.

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Brewster Flooring Company has been Brewster, NY’s go-to flooring expert for almost two decades. Our qualified and professional floorers will do an excellent job. We provide free consultations, estimates, and customer service to guarantee a successful outcome. We use only the finest supplies while keeping prices low.

Brewster Flooring Company has been a pillar of the local economy for years. 10509 Brewster, Massachusetts, and the neighboring zip code(s) are the areas we’re pleased to serve.

Flooring upkeep, repairs, replacements, and installations are just some of the many services that Brewster’s Flooring Contractors provide. In addition, we offer various quality flooring materials, from concrete to wood to tile to vinyl to epoxy and more. We are the team for you from the first meeting through the planning and budgeting stages to the completion of any project.

Why Hire Brewster Flooring Company?

Brewster Flooring Company offers various services that may help maintain a stunning and safe floor in your home or company. Our professional flooring contractors can take care of any type of floor installation or even necessary repairs or replacements. Concrete, tile, wood, vinyl, epoxy, and more are some of our flooring options. Because your floor represents a significant investment, you deserve the peace of mind from knowing we fully cover it and adhere to all applicable rules. Our flooring services are flexible enough to accommodate any project, no matter how big or small. The licensed flooring specialists at Brewster Flooring Company can assist you with any flooring services you require.

Our Flooring Professionals

The specialists at Brewster Flooring Company are all highly trained experts who have undergone extensive background checks before joining our team. We promise you will receive the highest quality service and flooring options available. You can trust that our team will treat you with professionalism and utmost respect and that we will meet all of your flooring needs.

We’ve put in the time and effort to become specialists in our profession so that when we stroll through the neighborhood, we can confidently point out the floors we’ve maintained and wave to satisfied customers. We are the best in the field, so you can always count on us when you need flooring services.

The Floor That Your Home Deserves

We’re always ready to help you every step of the way. One great thing about how we do things is that we always give you a free written estimate. In addition, we offer a warranty that covers all work done by Brewster Flooring Company. We don’t hold anything back, don’t have any tricks up our sleeves, and don’t have any surprises. 

Whether you need concrete, laminate, solid wood,  vinyl, or engineered wood flooring, you’ll get the floor you want, deserve, and have always dreamed of!

You Can Depend on Us

Do you have a property in New York that needs floor maintenance, repair,  replacement, or a new floor installed? Then, you’ve come to the right place! You can trust that our professional floor installers in Brewster Flooring Company will finish the job quickly and perfectly.

Brewster Flooring Company takes great pride in meeting customers’ needs. We’ll build a personal connection with you so we can better meet your flooring needs. We promise success on the first try because of our top-notch quality!

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